We are a 501c3

‘Social Profit Community’




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The Gathering Place

"A common ground to grow on"

Enter for the joy of it!

May you leave with

nourishment for the soul,

healing for the heart, and

inspiration for the world!

All are welcome!

The Gathering Place: "common ground to grow on,"

the programming heart of Bridget Center offers a learning portal for co-creative, innovative experiences awakening self-awareness and in-spiring compassionate being

Bridget Center is a hospitality home to a beating heart..

programming peace called...

...The Gathering Place: "common ground to grow on".

Bridget Center is evolving! Join us as we reclaim this historical sacred site intentionally loving it into new form. Those that went before us knew what they were doing when they chose this land to be a spiritual home in 1868. Built atop living water with a hilltop vista, it served as a mission chapel till 1998. The Giving Gardens of Bridget Center are beginning summer of 2012 with an offsite Community Supported Agriculture Market and land share and will move onsite as the land goes through rejuvenation. Bridget Center is renovating the former school building into a holistic wellness center with six flexible healing rooms, several guest rooms, an in-house teaching kitchen, small café serving foods from the area, and a ‘home-stead’ supply store focused on local sustainability. The former chapel building will serve as multi-purpose hosting space and includes a Common Ground Resource Library and Stillpoint Meditation Space, site for on-going spiritual practices of Oneness.

Discover how you can participate in what is evolving at Bridget Center… an experiment of the human spirit where comm-unity is the secret to sustainable living with gratitude and trust in the Sacred Mystery of Life. May Oneness be our experience! Enter for the joy of it!

" The heart that breaks open

can contain the whole universe"

~Joanna Macy

Offering a natural sanctuary,a pilgrim place to bridge sacred connection for personal and planetary healing.

Bridget Center

A Spiritual-based learning community

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